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McDonalds Super Sized Troubles B

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Super Size Me - What Happens to Mr. Spurlock Physical Wellness During His McDonalds Rampage

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Super Size Me

There are limited some things you never complete a taste for regardless if they are fooled or not. The movie "Super Size Me" is a documentary on a man who has decided to consume only McDonald's food for a period of thirty days. This man, Mr. Spurlock, has embarked on this adventure to assess the health issue of McDonald's food.

Still Super Sized McDonald’s got rid of its Super Size fries and drinks, but when it comes to burgers, “big” still sells. With calories and 8 grams of bad fat, McDonald’s Quarter Pounder seems positively dainty compared to Burger King’s Whopper ( calories and 14 grams of bad fat).

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Jamie Cox, 19, dining at a McDonald’s in downtown Chicago with his girlfriend Tuesday night, said he normally super-sizes his meal but usually throws out leftover fries.

The Weirdest McDonalds Locations in the World. McDonalds, arguably the most iconic American fast-food chain, is known for its menu, For a special side order of ambiance and super-sized exceptional character, visit one of these distinct venues. Photo by Russell R.

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Super sized mnc mcdonalds
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Calories in McDonalds Super size french fries. Nutrition Facts, Ingredients and Allergens