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Top 10 Productivity Apps for the Mac, 2018 Edition

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Our favorite Markdown writing app for the Mac

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The 10 Best Journal Apps for Your Mac.

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Instead of paper pen it is your journal on your Mac. Discover the innovative world of Apple iPad, Apple Watch, shop everything iPhone, plus explore accessories, Apple TV, entertainment, Mac expert device support.

This amazing word processor is based on the WordPad engine and is absolutely free of cost. Although there is a paid version of Jarte available, if you’ll only be working on Word and WordPad files, the free version is pretty good too.

The 10 Best Journal Apps for Your Mac

In this companionable and lively workbook, the complex worlds of positive psychology, neuropsychology and expressive writing weave together. The result is accessible information and practice — an amazing feat of integration and utility. Mac Journal Everything about writing journal on your Mac.

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Software and tips. Mac Journal Software: Mémoires 3 Released. If you're looking for an easier way to encrypt your journal, Mémoires application supports it out of the box. Labels: Encryption, Mac.

Byword is a phenomenal writing application for the Mac, but we should also mention its ability to sync to its companion iOS applications as well.

This a very handy feature especially since we also consider the iOS version of Byword to be our favorite iPhone Markdown editor.

Journal writing application mac
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